Earthscapes: New Artwork from Karen Stiehl Osborn

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Earthscapes: New Artwork from Karen Stiehl Osborn

The gallery’s main wall is alive with color! Earthscapes features new artwork by local mixed media artist Karen Stiehl Osborn. Karen draws her inspiration from the natural landscapes that surround her as she travels. These new artworks are a combination of collage and painting. She has painstakingly painted each section and then arranged the sections […]

Smiling Turtle Artist Interview: Gerard Briardy

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Smiling Turtle Artist Interview: Gerard Briardy

It is my personal feeling that getting to know the artist behind the work brings more meaning and appreciation for the art that they create. Gerard Briardy is an awesome artist with a unique and moving style. Thank you Jerry for agreeing to answer a few questions about yourself and your art. What media do […]

Aqua Soul

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Aqua Soul

Aqua Soul is the exploration of water themes through the artistic works of photographer Patrick E. Barton and jeweler and mixed media artist Kelli Sweet.   Barton describes his photography as the “heart and soul” of Barton Visions. His works focuses on under water photography from his international travels. In Aqua Soul, Patrick has taken […]

ALL in-stock Art Supplies on SALE

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We are having a huge art supply blow out this month at Smiling Turtle Art Spot.  This is a great time to stock up on your favorite supplies or try something new.  All in-stock art supplies are at least 25% off.  Here are some of the bigger savings you can enjoy: Blockwallah Wood Stamps : […]

Interesting Facts you may not know about Karen…

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“For most of my life, I have explored my interests in photography and art, inspired by my personal experiences and the world around me. Sometimes the art starts with a photograph, but I have never felt fulfilled with the camera alone creating the art. It is important to me to get my hands dirty and […]

Smile and let the creativity reign

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Kathleen Keller, one of our fine artists and art instructors, typically enjoys being creative with a brush and paint in her hand. She is currently focusing her creative “juices” in much different directions. The first part of July she will be leaving with a team from her church to serve at an orphanage in Guatemala. […]

Drallim heads to the Forest

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Drallim heads to the Forest

Drallim is very excited to make his move to the Enchanted Forest at the Nebraska Renaissance Faire!  Drallim will be hanging out with the Pretty Fairies… Grab a turkey leg and step back in time when royalty ruled and knights really were in shining armor. Dozens of costumed characters and many more one-of-a-kind artisans await […]

Introducing New Artist to Smiling Turtle, Allison Borgschulte

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    Growing up in Bellevue, NE with Fontenelle Forest in my backyard, I developed a young love for nature. I have found that my natural surroundings are a place of peace that I can return to for clarity and inspiration. I was raised in a large family where I saw my extended family including […]

Drallim and Princess Sophie

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Drallim and Princess Sophie

The Tale of Drallim the Dragon & the Turtle King Simon Written by Missy Merriman   Once upon a time, there was a kingdom of turtles ruled by the fair and just King Simon. The King and his family lived in the grand castle nestled in the center of the Village on the Pointe. The […]

Why Visit Smiling Turtle Art Spot?

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This is a little profound for the simple message I want to send today with this post, but I am using it anyway because I like it. Simple enough, right? Art isn’t really risky unless you are hesitant to try something new that you have never done before. Why not? You may surprise yourself! Smiling […]