Drallim and Princess Sophie

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Drallim and Princess Sophie

The Tale of Drallim the Dragon & the Turtle King Simon

Written by Missy Merriman



King Simon

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom of turtles ruled by the fair and just King Simon. The King and his family lived in the grand castle nestled in the center of the Village on the Pointe. The turtle King Simon was always smiling and very beloved by his people.


His daughter Princess Sophie spent much of her time in the village calling on the shops and visiting with the villagers. She always picked flowers that abounded the prosperous and full lands that surrounded the Village on the Pointe.


Over time, the Queen became very jealous of the love and admiration that the people had for the King for she was not so beloved. Her jealousy and anger festered and grew.   She thought perhaps if she were the ruler of the kingdom that the villagers would love her as they did the King. So she devised a plan to have the King locked away in the deep dungeons of the castle.


The Queen now ruled the land, but the people despised her for locking away their King.   Her plan did not work, as she was not as nice and fair as the King, and did not win the hearts of her people. The lands became dark and cold the fields lay baron and nothing grew. Princess Sophie missed her father so much but did not have the strength to overcome the evil Queen and she came up with a plan of her own.


She heard rumor there was a dragon that lived deep in the woods. The dragon was brave and strong enough to overthrow the Queen and free her father. With the help of her handmaidens, she fled the castle and scoured the countryside in hopes of finding the dragon. After many weeks of searching she became wary that she would ever find him. She decided that she would have to return to the castle soon for she was becoming very weak and cold.

Grand Red Dragon

Grand Red Dragon


As the snow began to fall, Princess Sophie sought shelter in a cave protecting her from the wicked winds outside. She tried to start a fire to warm herself but the wood was too wet to light. While she sat shivering, she soon realized she was not alone in the cave. She heard movement coming towards her when a deep and ominous voice billowed from the depths of the cave, “Who dares enter my home?”


She called back, “It is I, Princess Sophie. The weather has gotten bad and this was the only shelter I could find.”


The deep voice billowed back, “What are you doing so far from the castle in such terrible weather?”


The princess replied, “I am in search of the dragon who lives in these woods.”


Again, the deep voice asks, “What is it you want from the dragon that you seek?”


The princess explains, “I was told of a dragon that was brave and strong enough to overthrow the evil Queen who has taken over the kingdom and free my father.”


As she finished explaining, a large figure started to emerge from the depths of the cave. A fire burst out from the darkness lighting her snow-soaked wood.   Her heart leapt. She was now able to see the creature that had been speaking to her; it was a grand red dragon.


With hope in her voice she asked, “Are you the dragon I have been searching for?”


The grand dragon responded, “Yes, I am the one you seek. I am Drallim, the protector of the forest. I too have been on a quest to find out why the lands have gone cold and barren and my forest is dying.”


Princess Sophie was overjoyed, “We have many riches, gold and jewels. I will give you anything you desire if you will return with me to the castle and help me to free my father.”


But the dragon replied, “I have no need for the riches you speak of.”


Princess Sophie’s heart sank for she thought he would not help.


But Drallim continued, “My desire is to restore balance and bring life back to the lands and to my forest. I have heard many stories of your father, he is kind and just. If anyone could restore the balance I seek, it is King Simon. I will travel with you to the castle in the Village on the Pointe.”


Drallim makes his way to Village on the Pointe


The two made their way back through the harsh, cold and snow-covered lands. Drallim fulfilled his promise to Princess Sophie, overthrowing the evil Queen and allowing her to free her father from the dark depths of the dungeons. King Simon embraced the princess with tears in his eyes for he thought he would never again lay eyes on his beautiful daughter. Princess Sophie told the story of her quest to her father.


King Simon turned to Drallim and bowed, thanking the dragon for not only returning his kingdom to him but also for returning his daughter. King Simon was so grateful he offered Drallim all the riches they had, as nothing could possibly be enough for what he had done.


Drallim politely refused, knowing that by restoring the rightful King back to the throne would bring balance back to the land.


A grand festival was thrown in Drallim’s honor and King Simon bestowed upon him the Medal of Honor and Bravery.


The turtle King Simon and Princess Sophie were sad to see the dragon leave the kingdom but understood he had his own land to protect and they smiled down upon him waving from the castle as he left the Village on the Pointe. Drallim made his way back to the forest, and as he did, the air warmed the fields started to green and leaves were coming back to the trees of his beloved forest and he knew all was now right with the world.


The End.

We hope you enjoy the photos we too during the construction of Drallim the Dragon (random display).  Drallim was created by making a form on the sculpture, “Reaching Village Pointe” by Peggy Rishel.  Then Sophie and Missy built up his body using Great Stuff ™ Insulating Foam over fall semester.  Sophie and Diane spent the better part of a week giving Drallim his scales. – Dori Settles, Missy Merriman, Sophie Finley, Diane Ostdiek

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