Interesting Facts you may not know about Karen…

Posted by on Jul 6, 2015 in Art, Artists

kso1“For most of my life, I have explored my interests in photography and art, inspired by my personal experiences and the world around me. Sometimes the art starts with a photograph, but I have never felt fulfilled with the camera alone creating the art. It is important to me to get my hands dirty and feel the paint and the stitch and the layers of texture and collage as I create my art.”

Karen Stiehl Osborn jokingly tells people that every outfit in her wardrobe has paint on it somewhere. She loves to paint on any surface and uses her painted cloth and papers in her artwork. Her artistic style is one of collaged layers of color and texture, sometimes with stitching added.

kso2Karen is a full-time mixed media artist, but when she is not working in her studio, she may be found photographing rescue dogs. She volunteers with Little White Dog Rescue in Omaha. Besides fostering rescue dogs in her home, she photographs each rescue dog for their website. Many times her photographs are what first pique a potential adopter’s interest.

Interesting facts you may not know about Karen…

· She graduated from high school a year early.

· She was born in Delaware and moved to Nebraska to attend college.

· She played singles tennis in college, and she has an animal science degree and an accounting degree.

· She loves to kayak, snorkel and scuba dive.

· White water rafting and a hot air balloon ride are on her bucket list.kso3